A Simple Debugger


Simple Debugger (sdbg) is a minimal Windows debugger I wrote to sharpen my knowledge of debugging practices.

It's written in python and it's obviously coded on top of the wonderful ctypes library. The overall architecture is heavily based on PyDbg since I was already familiar.

At the moment of this writing it's capable of setting soft, hard and memory breakpoints, it has a minimal interactive shell to retrieve registers status and it's expandable with custom callbacks for handling exceptions.

Building a debugger it's been an awesome experience (except for the parts where I am swearing on the IA32 Intel docs) and I really learned a lot - and this was the main goal.

Since I am starting to wet my feet in reverse engineering I am looking to eat my own dogfood and use it for analysing some samples from my malware collection. This way I hope to keep it updated and maybe add some new features too.

As usual everything is GPLd and you can find it on my bitbucket page.

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