Pastebin v3 Command Line Script


Since I haven't managed to find a command line pastebin script whose based on the new APIs I wrote one.

You can find it on my bitbucket.


$ -f python -e 10M -p 1 -t MyPaste < whatever

Pratically you just pipe your data to the script.

Here are some options:

-f defines data format (php, python, etc)
-e the expiry time (10M, 1G, 1D, N)
-p the privacy (1 is private, 0 is public)
-t the title of the paste

The script looks for a config file in your home dir with your dev API key and optionally an username and a valid password (without valid login credentials your pastes will be anonymous).

The first time you run it will create the config (~/.pastebin).

Feel free to fork/edit/whatever it.

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